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Reduced insecurity within communities for women and girls in Sierra Leone. 


Women and girls equipped with tools for effective and sustainable growth in their learning and career choices, livelihoods, organizations and businesses.


Platforms for speaking out enabled, addressing deficits in law enforcement, policies, governance processes that will result in lasting positive change for women and girls in Sierra Leone.

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In response to women and girls’ experiences of poverty, isolation, homelessness, exclusion, ill health, depression and other mental health conditions, CVF began to work in four communities in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. The work is led by 12 community volunteers who were identified by residents as pioneers in their localities and neighbourhoods, providing support and safe spaces for survivors.

CVF was founded in 2017 by a small group of Sierra Leonean women who came together in response to the rising tide of women’s rights abuses and sexual violence in the country. Among younger women and girls, we identified the most vulnerable among thousands of pregnant girls and teen mums excluded from school, including survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based violence, living with few viable financial prospects.

CVF supports and strengthens this network of Women Pioneers that function as a peer group, supporting survivors and together, find ways of meeting the health, legal, economic and social needs of survivors in their communities.  CVF enables platforms for young women and survivors to speak out and tell their stories. 

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